About the Swedish Rheumatism Association

The Swedish Rheumatism Association [Svenska Reumatikerförbundet] is a non-profit organisation working for people with rheumatic diseases.

We support our members in their everyday efforts to cope with their rheumatism. We also strive to persuade decision makers on all levels in society to embrace our goal; that all people with a rheumatic disorder can enjoy life as fully and completely as those without.

The Swedish Rheumatism Association has 200 local chapters, serviced by 24 regional branches.

Benefits of membership include (among other things) 

  • access to a wealth of information about rheumatic diseases, coping strategies, health guides, exercise programs and news about scientific research.
  • the opportunity to exchange personal experiences with others who suffer from rheumatism and the chance to tell your own story  
  • helpful hints and tips
  • the chance to make new friends and participate in gratifying events.

We advocate decision makers about the importance of:

  • access to rehabilitation
  • shorter waiting lists for treatment
  • a labour market that doesn't discriminate against people with rheumatic disorders.
  • pharmacists being sufficiently supplied to serve the needs of our members.

We help fund scientific research into rheumatism and treatment methods.

Reuma utveckling

Rheuma Development Inc. is a limited company wholly owned by the Swedish Rheumatism Association. The company conducts development, production and sale of educational and information material, training activities and other related operations within areas of concern for rheumatic diseases. Rheuma Development conducts tests on products and packaging manageability. 

Learn more about Reuma utveckling.

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